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Electricians Temecula – Looking for an Electrician in Temecula? Well, you’re in luck! Current Power Electric offers electrical services in Temecula and surrounding towns! For the last 8 years, Current Power Electric has been serving the commercial market in the Temecula area. Our business model is maintaining our reputation of efficiency, safety and professionalism by working closely with business owners, general contractors and designers from the moment the contract is signed until the last wire in the job is connected. We are equally qualified to furnish new electrical installations as well as repair and maintenance of pre-existing installations.

Since 2008 Current Power Electric has been the pinnacle of commercial electrical services in the Temecula area, and we continue on today with that tradition of quality workmanship and attention to detail. There is no other company in the Temecula area that even comes close to the amount of experience and level of professionalism that is standard procedure at Current Power Electric.

Whatever your business is, a key component to your success is having properly set up and maintained electrical equipment. You cannot afford to have machines malfunctioning and not producing products. A proper service and maintenance contract with a professional outfit like Current Power Electric is your best bet on keeping your equipment running reliably. Only the largest of factories have the resources available to hire full time Electricians Temecula. Let us save your business money with an affordable maintenance and service contract. We will be there when you need us and off the clock when things are running smooth.

When it is time for your business to grow, either through expansion of your current facility or relocation to a new one, look no further than Current Power Electric for all of your electrical installation and relocation service needs. We understand how important your equipment is to your workflow and our expertise in all types of industrial equipment makes us qualified to treat your gear with the utmost care and attention to detail. We double check to make sure all new installations and repairs are 100% up to code and legal before we leave your facility.

We understand that electricity can be dangerous if not understood or misused. Mistakes in wiring or a wiring design can lead to major equipment damage and even, in the worst cases, injury or loss of life to you or your employees. At Current Power Electric, we are ever vigilant for these potential dangers and every action taken on a job is carried out with that in mind. Trust in us to get the job done right the first time no matter how challenging. You will be glad you did!

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